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round 2

hi all round 2 of chemo starting thursday am prepared for it now i know what to expect.

made a decision to shave my head on saturday getting used to it now 

stay strong people xx

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feb 8th

Oh my god what a night never experienced aches and pains like that before also no sleep...think i was really naive to think i could fly through this i think i only preparead myself for hair loss the pain was actually quite scary it comes over you in waves at anytime i think what really hit me was i didnt want to be sick in front of the children i try and shield as much as possible but sometimes you cant escape i took my son to school and came home and cried i feel so helpless 

Mike sent you a hug.
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Being an optimist, I never think anything will be bad. I underestimated how much tx would knock me down. I'd been through chemo in 1990, but I guess I forgot how trying it could be. You will get through it; just do t push your body. God bless.
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February 7, 2017

waterford, ireland

August 2, 1972

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Breast Cancer

August 17

Stage 2

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Grade 1




will do the walk for life in october

the effect on family

you are not alone

keep positive

eat healthy and drink plenty of water

talk to a councellor it really does help also relaxation is good try reflexology

i had no symptoms just had mamogrammes due to history in family

first session of chemo on the 2nd feb 2017

not started yet



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